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Drawing With FrozenSheep Drawing With FrozenSheep

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


that was nice, gives you an idea of the process of how the picture is built up. these kind of animations amaze me, since it makes me look at the picture in a whole different light after i have followed how it was built up. i suppose there isnt much to review here really.

i can just conclude that this was a cute little movie with a purpose to show the creative process. let the five 5 stars show that i am not weighing on it more or less on any way because of the nature of it.

Campus Nerds Shorties +4 Campus Nerds Shorties +4

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

now thats My type of fun!

it's not often, but sometimes you stumble upon something different. your approach was very down to earth, there was no unnescessary violence (or violence at all), no screamy/annoying fuckin "pubertish" voice acting either. there was this argumentation between a normal looking guy and... a robot! the guy at the computer is questioning the competence of the transformer robot. than can Only really succeed well, and become funny in this unique, awkward way, when you add some realism to it all, but with a twist of course. the whole concept and style you're making use of, reminds me a little bit of that British mockumentary series called "the office".
This movie short has got: Plain, simple and extremely smart comedy. All at its best :)

I'm not really trying to be like Hasselhof or so but... Korea's got talent!! ;D

Skaijo responds:

Thanks for the indepth review! The style, approach, and goals are all very simple--and I have great friends who help me out with it all. I've seen The Office too--and it's one of my fav. shows.

Boo to Hasselhof.

Huzzah for Korea!

Bring a Condom on a Date? Bring a Condom on a Date?

Rated 4 / 5 stars


man, that was even kinda unexpected! i thought he was gonna be messing around with that condom for like halv a minute, her waiting for him to get it open.

three thumbs up!

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6 Differences 6 Differences

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

oozes of creativity

firstly, i did honestly not "get it" at th very beginning. i just saw these opposites, in my eyes a bit too obvious and, frankly, aesthetic and enough artistically composed to trick me that they werent "hidden" differences, as in the kind of puzzle that this actually is. i must agree to what you state in the commentary section: it is more art than game. despite the fact that a game can BE an art-piece. as i see it, true art does not have to have a goal. it is the experience of the art itself that is the whole purpose. just experiencing this serves as a goal.

the interaction between music and game has been seen before in this form, nevertheless it is very welcome and lets me as a viewer interact with the mixture of musical calm and peaceful, dreamy setting. it is clear that you used photographs in this animation (eg. the street), where these taken by yourself?

actually, mentioning the word "animation", i realize that this flash-piece (a finer word for a very artful flash movie or game) really makes justice for the word animation. to animate would roughly mean to bring life to something...

and this flash-piece is so full of life! even though it was a bit tricky at times, i enjoyed it to the most. even re-played it because i liked it so much. I feel blessed to have seen this before everyone else, prior to its future appearance on the front page!

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Ivorydrive responds:

Yeah, I took all these myself. I just toddled around at 3am with my camera and tripod until I found an area that moved me.

Thanks for the critique, I'm glad you liked it.

Army of Destruction Army of Destruction

Rated 4 / 5 stars


i loved the game, it was soo cool. just that those invisible guys where soo hard, and i just couldn't keep trying, it wasnt worth it: those God Damn ads put me off!! seriously, they ruined the whole thing... NOT okay dude, i get enough ads watching television! dont know why you just Had to have them in there. but it really f**king put me off. it ruined the game experience. i'm not much of a whiner, but sometime you just get really pissed off, and this is one of those times.

ps. i'm going to be VERY nice. even if the ads ruined my game experience i'm gonna rate the game as i percieved it and not the overall experience of playing the game here. it was nevertheless a hell of a fun game!

Ragdoll - Free Ball 2 Ragdoll - Free Ball 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars


nothing special with it really.

the red ball ruined everything, because it started lagging, and i actually loved being alone with my beautiful, shiny, green ball. we were so happy together. then the communist-ball came and ruined our lovely harmony.

We Loved Each Other!

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-*[Bassola]*- -*[Bassola]*-

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This song I Like!

If i ever make a shooting-game i think i'd really like to use this song as soundtrack :D

The sound effects are really cool, i love the drums as well. Good diversity of it all, and it does feel original. Futuristic, and with some power. It would create a nice atmosphere in a fast-paced shooter kind of game, and it seemed you did put some energy into it. Although i would want to hear a destinct bass-drum. it IS called drum n' bass, after all... :)

Keep it up, mad girl!

Lozzaaa responds:

wow long time no newgrounds. Yeah you're right the drums on that program were incredibly quiet and you had to put the same noise over the top like eight times to get it to sound loud compared to the rest and then it was distorted. i kinda gave up after a while trying to make a really good drum beat with Cubase because i prefer the bass bit anyway (:

Thanks for the review :D